Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Happy girl getting a bath in the sink!

Nora is now stable sitting up so it makes bathtime much more fun for everyone. This picture of both the kids makes me laugh ... can you tell that Nora is off the charts for weight and height!?! :)

Wisconsin Dells

We went to the Wisconsin Dells and had such a good time with Frank's college friends. Brody had a blast!


Brody took gymnastics through the summer and loves it. It started out to be quite a challenge for Brody to sit and listen to the teacher before having fun but he finally got it and it was well worth it! We plan to continue these classes through the fall as he is learning so much. This is Brody holding up his ribbon and doing TA-DA for the whole class ... he loves being the center of attention! :)

Nora = 7 months!

Can't believe that Nora is already 7 months. She is my very 'healthy' girl. She is within 5 pounds of her brother! I have a feeling that she will catch him at the rate she is growing! :) She is sitting up, eating cereal and baby food (loves everything but peas!), and is completely mesmerized by her brother!