Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nora's first hair cut!



Although it is hard to tell in the pictures she really did get a hair cut. It evened things out into a little "Bob" haircut! :) She did great but had a couple of tears at the end but nothing that her paci couldn't fix!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Feeding the ducks!

We enjoyed an 85 degree day in Iowa and Brody got to feed the ducks with PaPa!

Best Friends

Brody and Nora's relationship has really blossomed over the last couple of months. They really do enjoy playing together and it is so nice that they are starting to entertain each other. Everyone told me that when you have kids this close together in age that the first year is really hard but after that they will play together and you will be glad that they are close together. I am starting to believe it! :)

Brody is potty trained!

Who doesn't talk on the phone while going potty!?!

I am very behind on my blogging! Brody is potty trained (at the beginning of March). It only took him a couple of days and he knew what to do. We are so proud of him and pleasantly surprised that it was so easy! I am sure we will be in for it with Nora!! :)